Explanation of Names Related to Sand Line

Explanation of Names Related to Sand Line

DENIER (D) Yarn thickness
A unit expressing yarn density is denoted as "D," representing the mass in grams per 9000 meters of yarn or fiber. This unit is commonly used for filament yarns. A higher D value indicates thicker yarn; for instance, 75D is thicker than 50D.

For example, D1000 denotes yarn with a mass of 1000 grams per 9000 meters.
TEX (t) Single yarn count
The unit expressing yarn density, representing the mass in grams of yarn or fiber per kilometer, proposed by ASTM University, commonly used for cotton, flax, and coarse yarn. Metric count is also a fixed weight system, and under a constant weight, a higher Tex count indicates finer yarn.
For example, a yarn with a Tex count of 30 means it weighs 30 grams per 1000 meters.
SOFTNESS (s)softness
The finer the yarn, the lighter and thinner the woven fabric, with a tight and delicate appearance, smooth and soft texture, and even color. On the other hand, coarser yarn results in heavier fabric, a rougher texture, and increased fabric strength.
COLOR (C) Single Yarn Count
Yarn can be dyed into various colors.
LUSTER (L) Gloss
Mainly divided into matte/semi-gloss/gloss, namely DULL/MATT/BRIGHT
TWIST (TW) twist
Twisting is the process of inducing relative rotation between the two sections of a yarn, causing the fibers that were originally parallel to the yarn axis to incline into a spiral. Adding twist to filament yarn can enhance its strength, elasticity, luster, and feel.

Twisting two yarns or several fibers in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction is known as Z-twist or S-twist, respectively. Twist refers to the intertwining of two or more single yarns, resembling a rope or helix.

For example, TW30 indicates a twist level of 30 twists per inch.
DENSITY (d) density
Yarn density refers to the mass or weight of the raw material per unit length. It can be determined by the relationship between capacity density and yarn length, with two common units being DENIER (yarn fineness) and TEX (single yarn count), directly indicating the measurement of the unit.
FILAMENT (F) Filament yarn (long fiber)
Filament yarn is composed of long fibers that can be infinitely stretched during manufacturing, typically requiring units of meters or more for length measurement. The representation involves indicating the number of individual filaments within a single yarn.

Filament yarn is often made from synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, but natural yarn extracted from silkworm cocoons can also be processed into filament yarn. Synthetic fibers are combined through a process called twisting to form a single yarn. However, it's not mandatory to use multiple fibers; a single, thicker, and longer filament can also serve as yarn.

Characteristics: Bright, smooth, and durable.
FLAM RESISTANT (F) Flame retardancy
Flame-resistant yarn is a special type of fabric that can slow down the combustion of flames. It exhibits superior flame resistance and is environmentally friendly, meeting the following criteria:

Self-extinguishing upon removal from the fire, with no further combustion.
Maintains flame resistance even after multiple washings.
Non-toxic, produces no black smoke or unpleasant odor during combustion, making it a green and environmentally friendly product.
RECYLED (r) Regenerate
Recycled yarn, which can be any type of fiber material, including cotton, linen, polyester, wool, etc. The yarn is environmentally friendly and sustainable, helping to reduce waste.
(w) cationic
Yarns treated with cationic agents exhibit high-temperature resistance. Therefore, during the yarn dyeing process, while other yarns take on color, cationic yarns do not. This results in a dual-color effect in the dyed yarn, providing an opportunity to replace some expensive color-woven fabrics and reduce fabric production costs.

Fabrics made from cationic yarns have vibrant colors, coupled with characteristics such as a soft touch, colorfastness, wrinkle resistance, and durability.

Annotation: ***100D75F means 100g of yarn contains 75 long fibers