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Company FAQs

Does Your Company Have an Environmental Conservation Philosophy?

Poyarn places a significant emphasis on environmental conservation. We are actively engaged in initiatives aimed at promoting energy efficiency, water conservation, and reducing contamination levels through the reusability of non-biodegradable waste. Aligned with our principles, we are dedicated to using environmentally friendly raw materials and implementing eco-friendly practices. Sustainable development has become a prominent trend in the textile and fashion industry, both presently and in the foreseeable future. Poyarn proactively responds to the nation's call for a green and environmentally sustainable economy.We prioritize the use of incoming raw materials such as POY (Partially Oriented Yarn) and FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) produced from recycled polyester bottles, polyester waste yarn, and fabric fibers, among others. These recycled POY and FDY are transformed into products like polyester slub yarn and polyester folded yarn using texturing machines, facilitating the efficient recycling of renewable resources. "Protecting the environment and fostering a green earth" remains our overarching goal. We have developed a range of sustainable products, supported by our research and development efforts, allowing us to produce high-performance and environmentally friendly yarns, including recycled polyester slub DTY and recycled polyester folded yarn, among others.

What Products or Services Does the Company Offer?

As a leading manufacturer of innovative synthetic fiber materials in China, Poyarn provides high-quality yarn products such as polyester folded yarn, polyester slub yarn, polyester ATY yarn and more. Among these, polyester folded yarn serves as our flagship product, offering a linen-like texture with a slub-effect. It retains the advantages of true linen while surpassing it in durability, wrinkle resistance, and antibacterial properties.In addition to delivering premium products, we also offer top-notch services. We provide customized solutions for all your yarn needs. Simply inform us of your business type and the end use of your products, and we can analyze the required yarn for you. Moreover, we offer specialized customization according to your specific requirements. You can access our customized yarn solution service through our website

What Is Your Company's Mission And Vision?

Mission:At Poyarn, we are a company integrating trade and manufacturing in the field of new synthetic materials. We unwaveringly adhere to the principles of "Customer First, Quality Foremost," establishing stringent quality standards and inspection systems. Simultaneously, our core values are deeply rooted in sustainable innovation. Our commitment to environmental practices and forward-thinking solutions is reshaping our identity.Vision:The company envisions a future where Poyarn is a leading force in the synthetic materials industry, recognized for our commitment to customer satisfaction and uncompromising quality. Our core values include a dedication to sustainable innovation, driving us to redefine our industry through environmentally conscious practices and forward-looking solutions.

What Does the Company Do?

POYARN is a comprehensive trade and industry integrated company specializing in the trade, production, and export of new synthetic fiber materials. We focus on the production of polyester folded yarn, polyester slub yarn-DTY(Draw-textured Yarn), and other synthetic fiber materials, with years of expertise in these professional fields.