How Does the Denier of Yarn Affect the Fabric?

How Does the Denier of Yarn Affect the Fabric?

How Does the Denier of Yarn Affect the Fabric?
polyester yarn denier
The denier of yarn directly influences the appearance and texture of the fabric. Thinner yarns, such as those in the range of 30D to 170D, are suitable for lightweight applications like window screens or delicate fabrics. They contribute to a finer texture and are often used in breathable and lightweight summer garments.

On the other hand, thicker yarns, ranging from 300D to 1500D, are better suited for thicker textiles. These yarns create fabrics that are sturdier and provide more insulation, making them ideal for winter clothing or heavy-duty applications where durability is important.

Different denier values within these ranges can impart distinct characteristics to fabrics. For instance, slub and folded textured yarns in polyester (POLYESTER SLUB DTY and POLYESTER FOLDED DTY) offer variations in texture and appearance, catering to different aesthetic and functional needs in textiles.

Our products offer the following denier ranges:


These denier ranges indicate the variety of yarn thicknesses available, each suited to different applications and fabric types.

Understanding the denier range helps in selecting yarns that match the desired properties and performance of the final fabric product.